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Razor Wit

A community for fans of Damian O'Hare

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A comm for fans of Damian O'Hare
This is a community for those rare and distinguished people who appreciate Damian O'Hare; the actor who played Lieutenant Gillette from Pirates of the Caribbean.

What you can post here: Fanfic/fanart of any of Damian's characters. News, rumours, meta, chat, notice of other communities featuring Damian, pic spam... anything else you can think of that might be of interest.

However, this is NOT a community for Real People Fiction or RPS. Fanfic the characters Damian plays to your hearts' content, leave the man himself alone. As writers and artists we know that our work is public property, but our home lives are not, so please extend the same courtesy to him.

If you have links to his performances to share, feel free to post them here but please friends lock the post so that we do not end up publicly distributing them. Thanks!

Invaluable resources, both by hms_dauntless

The Gillette FanArt list

The Gillette Fan Fiction list

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